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Some Good Reasons to Choose SEO as Your Career

We know how to get to the top of Google. We would love to help you do the same.We are top of Google for SEO training, Indian SEO courses and search engine optimisation training.Our results speak for themselves. That’s why top brands, up-and-coming businesses and individuals choose to work with us.
1.Open public SEO courses only 10,000 rs.
2. Learn SEO in a ‘hands-on’ group workshop.
3.You benefit from small class sizes (6 max) that are fun and  interactive
4.Regularly in  a month and jam packed with proven SEO strategies, insights and free tools.
5.Our SEO workshops take place in Indore.
6.Our SEO courses are designed in a structured and methodical way, so you learn SEO from the ground up in easy actionable steps – our open public courses or on-site SEO straining are both great for this.

Targeted traffic is the most important factor to any website - without traffic it doesn't matter what your website looks like, how well it converts - in fact without good quantities of targeted traffic, you may as well not even have a website at all.Search engine optimization (optimisation if you're in the UK) is a skill which when learned, will allow you to drive targeted search engine traffic to your own websites, or as a service for other businesses - or even for a professional SEO firm.

Why AeroSoft

Advantages Of Learning SEO with AeroSoft 

AeroSoft  aims at creating a virtual Aviation world. We are very much thankfull to  Govt of Canada to show their trust on us to be a part of Mission to Canada.  Presently AeroSoft is undertaking Aviation SEO projects from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand & Philippines and has set its eyes  upon exploring other Global Aviation b2b and b2c markets. AeroSoft is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified 100% EOU     [ Export Oriented Unit ] of a well known International   Aviation Group of Asia. Being a small Aviation SEO Service company currently, AeroSoft outsources its  100% services to the local vendors who can work at par with the utmost standards set & can deliver on time.  AeroSoft maintains a complete quality control check at all times on all of its outsourced works.

AeroSoft proudly boasts of being a 100% recession proof Aviation SEO service to those who can guarantee high  quality performance and on time delivery at all times. Non performance is a crime at AeroSoft.  AeroSoft Promotes  Aviation Training companies by its more then 600 Aviation  portals and Blogs. 

As per all major search Engines viz, Altavista, Bing, Google and Yahoo For Aviation SEO and KPO Services, AeroSoft Corp Best in India and  Finest in Asia.   

AeroSoft Provides very economic online Branding and promotion   solutions to International Airlines Training  Organisations. AeroSoft Corp is a pioneer in Work At Home concept.  All our production done  at home by our out sourced team members.  AeroSoft aims at creating a virtual Aviation  world. We believe a good work can be done at homeit self by performers.  Due to recession in Aviation  Non performance is a crime at AeroSoft. AeroSoft Strongly  believes in Productivity, Speed and Relevancy. 

AeroSoft's main aims is to Promote
No Frill, 
Low Cost,  Recession Proof
Aviation SEO and KPO Services. 
We believe that for Pessimistic its Aviation Recession 
and for Optimistic it is an Opportunity. 
We do not promise Big But delivers them.  Give us a chance to prove us.  We work on 100% Money back.

Learning SEO has a number of benefits, including :
  • Learn to drive traffic to your own websites, selling your own products, and / or affiliate products & services
  • Become an SEO consultant, providing services to other businesses by driving targeted search engine traffic to their websites
  • Opportunities to gain well paid positions within professional SEO companies.
  • considering learning enough about SEO to get by, to get traffic to your own websites

High demand for SEO services

Once SEO was not a separate profession – Web masters performed some basic SEO for the sites they managed and that was all. But as sites began to grow and make money, it became more reasonable to hire a dedicated SEO specialist than to have the Web master do it. The demand for good SEO experts is high and is constantly on the rise.

Search Engine Optimizers make Good Money !

 SEO is a profession that can be practiced while working for a company or as a solo practitioner. There are many jobboards like Dice and Craigslist that publish SEO job advertisements. It is worth noting that the compensation for SEO employees is equal to or even higher than that of developers, designers and marketers. Salaries over $80K per annum are not an exception for SEO jobs. 
As a solo SEO practitioner you can make even more money. Almost all freelance sites have sections for SEO services and offers for $50 an hour or more are quite common. If you are still not confident that you can work on your own, you can start a SEO job, learn a bit and then start your own company. 
If you already feel confident that you know a lot about SEO.


Lots of Learning

 For somebody who comes from design, development or web administration, SEO might look not technical enough and you might feel that you will downgrade if you move to SEO. Don't worry so much – you can learn a LOT from SEO, so if you are a talented techie, you are not downgrading but you are actually upgrading your skills packages.


SEO is already recognized as a career

 Finally, if you need some more proof that SEO is a great career, have a look at the available SEO courses and exams for SEO practitioners. Well, they might not be a CISCO certification but still they help to institutionalize the SEO profession.

Why AeroSoft Is Best In Providing SEO Training

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique that makes a website evident to the aimed clients on the internet. Every website that is made or designed merits to be recognized and seen publicly and dreams to come on first page of the top search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN etc. We make your dreams come true by internet promotion of your site through SEO.

Now is the era of internet marketing and SEO. Each company wants to endorse its products and services on internet to increase more enquiries that would lead to improvement in business. It is quite apparent why majority of companies need online marketing. SEO Training Institute is where you would tread in and get all the answers to your queries.

SEO trainees can begin their career just after conclusion of a course and get good placement in top MNC companies starting with a package anywhere between 10K & 15K at the outset, and thereafter in lacs Per Month. The profession prospect of a SEO professional is enormous in India as well as in the foreign countries. Also when put into practice and capability one can begin a SEO Consultancy or work as a freelancer and make attractive capital out of it.

We at SEO Training Institute recommend to all to be a part of the opportunity. SEO Coursesesoffers the best training in SEO in the region through practical exposure to live projects under supervision of our SEO professionals.

Our guidance plan is designed to create an expert and craft a professional by giving you an milieu to work with SEO professionals that will help you get excellent profession after conclusion of the training as 100% placement assistance would be provided by our experts HR.
 For the reason that our objective is to help you take full advantage of your return from SEO and Internet promotion, rather than sell you the whole lot of approaches we can, SEO Career Guidance, Courses and transmitting information on SEO are one of our vital offerings. SEO Courses Institute proposes a number of Basic and Advance Corporate SEO Courses Programs. We help you seize benefit and build up your own internal facts base in search engine optimization, moreover to additionally benefit your own organization, or as an ingredient to your individual growth and professional approach in Web Designing, Web Development or Internet Promotion like SEO.In Advance SEO . we begin right from the fundamentals such as fine page structure, keyword selection and meta tags to further advanced skills like designing search engine friendly content, architecture issues, and many other guidelines & actions we've chosen and developed along the way. We also research into the passionately challenged discussion over search engine spam i.e. what it is; why not do it, and how to optimize a site successfully without getting banned.

If you’re looking to learn Optimization SEO  Courses Institute Courses program can equip you on what you require to begin and take over your personal optimization expertise.

Er Astha Saxena  [ BE IT ]

Some of  Our SEO Projects                         

Websites : 
Live Each Day As your Own Day !!!

SEO Training Indore / SEO Classes Indore:

Chapter 1: Search Engine Basics
1. What Is a Search Engine?
2. What is keyword?
3. What is SEO?
4. Crawlers, spiders, and robots

Chapter 2: Organic SEO
1. Understanding Organic SEO
2. Web-site content
3. Internal and external links

Chapter 3: Keywords and Your Web Site.
1. The Importance of Keywords
2. Using Anchor Text
3. Picking the Right Keywords
4. What’s the Right Keyword Density?

Chapter 4: Off page optimization and link building
1. How Links Affect SEO
2. What are inbound and outbound links
3. How Links and Linking Work
4. Off page optimization
5. Social bookmarking
6. Directory submission
7. Article submission
8. Blog submission and commenting
9. Forum posting and commenting
10. Free press release
11. Classified ads
12. Yahoo answers
13. Link wheel creation

Chapter 5: On page optimization
1. Meta tags optimization
2. Alt tags, Bold tags
3. Internal linking
4. Use of H1, H2, H3 headings
5. Optimization of HTML tags
6. Site map generation and uploading
7. Redirections
8. CMS

Chapter 6: Adding Social-Media Optimization
1. What Is Social-Media Optimization?
2. What’s different about social-media optimization?
3. The Value of Social Media
4. Social-Media Strategies
5. Measuring Social-Media Optimization

Chapter 7: Advanced Tools and monitoring System
1. Google analytics
2. Google webmaster Tools
3. Tools for monitoring

We know how to get to thetop of Google. We would loveto help you do the same.
We are top of Google for SEO training, Indore SEO courses and search engine optimisation training. Our results speak for themselves. That’s why top brands, up-and-coming businesses and individuals choose to work with us.
Open public SEO courses only 5000 rs
Learn SEO in a ‘hands-on’ group workshop
Our group SEO training workshops are very popular. You benefit from small class sizes (6 max) that are fun, interactive, run twice a month and jam packed with proven SEO strategies, insights and free tools.
More info about open public SEO workshops
On-site SEO training from 10,000 rs
Personalised SEO training at your office
We come to you and you get 100% attention from Google qualified SEO trainers. This can be at your office, a hired venue in London, or for smaller businesses / individuals it can even be at your home! Conquer Google and learn SEO with a more tailored approach.
More about our on-site SEO training
Upcoming training
Introduction to SEO Nov 28 th More infoSEO IntermediateNov 25thMore infoIntroduction to SEODec 8thMore infoSEO IntermediateDec 9thMore infoIntroduction to SEOJan 12thMore infoSEO IntermediateJan 13thMore infoIntroduction to SEOJan 26thMore infoSEO IntermediateJan 27thMore info
Full schedule
Our SEO workshops take place in Indore
SEO training courses for you
Learn SEO strategies that work in 2011, it’s easier than you think!
We’ve helped AOL, Eurostar and Harrods keep up-to-date and succeed in SEO. We’d love to help you too. Whether you represent a large company, SME or yourself, we can help you understand what it takes to get to the top of Google with a clear actionable SEO roadmap.
Stay ahead of your competitors by learning…
how to choose the most worthwhile ‘money making’ keywords
why your competitors are getting results and how you can too
how to effectively ‘tune’ keywords into your copy for both users and search engines
why links from other websites matter and what techniques work best
SEO continues to change, some sites prosper and others are left behind….
By understanding the key elements that make up SEO, your competitive landscape and the direction SEO is heading, you can take control of your website and succeed. We show you how to do just that, one step at a time.
Structured and tailored SEO
Our SEO courses are designed in a structured and methodical way, so you learn SEO from the ground up in easy actionable steps – our open public courses or on-site SEO straining are both great for this.
We understand that you may have bespoke needs and require a more tailored approach – that’s fine too and we encourage you to let us know your exact requirements.
Who is the training for?
Small or large, established or new, we can help your site grow in niche and competitive industries:



Large companies
Why choose us?


Er Astha Saxena

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